Bristle & Stick

Handcrafted Brooms

Clean Your Home With Intention.

I begin the broom making process by exploring the hills and forests for wood for the broom sticks: Maple, Serviceberry, Myrtle, Chokecherry, Hazel, and other hardwoods, fit for a lifetime of service.

I cut and cure the choice branches with gratitude and respect for the life of the tree.

I tie my brooms by hand, no machines here!

Each is made carefully, with the informed perspective of someone who reveres sweeping as a daily ritual for cleansing the home- both physically, and energetically. As the dust is gathered from the corners of the room, so are the stray thoughts, worries, and uncertainties.

What better way to cleanse the home than with these beautiful tools carefully made according to traditional methods?

Meet your maker-        
My name is Bethany. I am a teacher and student of ancestral skills. For as long as I can remember I have turned to the trees and animals in the forest for council.. I believe strongly in the healing powers of nature, believing that strengthening our connection with the natural world can improve our interpersonal relationships and emotional well being. In my own path I have found that working with my hands with elements of nature brings some of the deepest healing. I feel like it is my path to do what I can to help bridge the gap between humans and nature and bring to light how that relationship can help heal trauma.     

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Sample the Autumn 2017 Edition 

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